Covid Interviews


The temporary theme is "Get rid of Covid, not your values".  I would like to make a video about family life during this change.  My goal will be to show the closeness/differences among families now that we are forced to spend more time indoors.  I will be asking questions about what life is like now for your family.  Things you miss, things you do now that you haven't before, etc.  I want to show what is important and what we should not let go once Covid is over

How We Would Do It:

Safety is of upmost importance!  There will not be ANY close interaction between myself and you/your family.   So here is how it would work...

-  I will come to your house, but not come inside.  I will set up my camera in your yard with a zoom lens so I won't be close to you or your family. 

-  I will have a long pole with a book mic at the end of it to capture your voices without you having to touch the mic. 

-  I will ask you a series of questions that you will answer in "answer form".  For example:  I ask "What do you do now that you haven't done before as a family", and you answer "Something that we have never done before as a family that we are doing now is Tik Tok dances together", etc.  

-  I will ask a series of 5 or 6 questions, as well as film you doing something in your yard like playing with your kids or dancing, etc.  

-  Once that is over, it will take me about 2-3 weeks or so to put everything together.


-  If you participate, I would need a written form granting me permission to use your faces/names (names can be fake) in my video for my portfolio, social media, etc.  



Are you willing on filming?

If so... just fill out the form below and I will contact you with details on dates I can come out.  I will send you a questionnaire ahead of time so you can prepare your answers.  



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