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Floor Plans

Self Quarantined? Have Your Sellers HelpWith Their Own Floorplans! 

We understand that this is an unprecedented time for real estate.   Some sellers don't even want you hiring photographers and videographers to come into their home in fear that Covid-19 might be spread.  We are working hard to come up with solutions for you. 

We would like to offer a temporary solution for you.  We are offering a way for your homeowners to take their own photos with just their cell phones, and send them to us to create a floor plan.   Please note that prices are slightly higher due to the fact that taking their photos to create a floor plan without our equipment will take more time. 

*** PRICING NOTE:  These prices are for residential properties up to 3,000 sq ft.  Please add $50 for each addition 1,000 sq ft

What do they do?

Step 1:

Choose which plan you would like to order from the examples below. 

2D Images - $199

Measurements optional if sellers sends them in.

- We only need inside photos/videos, not outside.


3D Model - $199

- We only need inside photos/videos, not outside.

Custome Template.JPG

Branded 2D Plan - $249

- Deliver a plan that matches your company's colors for seamless branding.

- Measurements optional if sellers sends them in.

- We only need inside photos/videos, not outside.

Site Plan - $249

- Have a great yard/lot you would like to show off? Order this textured site plan to give a better view to your buyers

- Measurements optional if sellers sends them in.

- Landscaping might not be exact, depending on availability in our program


Step 2:

Have your buyers take videos and/or photos of their home from every corner of the rooms.  They should make sure to include anything they would like in the floor plan, including closets and the garage.  We will also be looking at previous photos from

Step 3:

Your buyers can send their media directly to us via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive.  Please make sure the folders have the FULL address on them.
WeTransfer:  Go to and enter the email "" in the "Email to" section
Dropbox:  Transfer media via Dropbox to ""
Google Drive:  Share your media in a folder with ""

Step 4:

Give us 48 hours to complete your plan and send out to your potential buyers!
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