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FPM Casting - Papa's Dream Home

If interested in part,  please fill out information below.  

Commercial Title:   "Papa's Dream Home"

Shoot Date(s):          Towards end of Nov (1 day TBD)
                                    Coronado, CA

Hours required:          Location 1 - Both Girl and her Mom (1-2 hours)
                                       Location 2 (same day) - Mom: 1-2 hrs / Girl:  3-4 hrs
Looking For:             - Girl (daughter) Ages 7-10 (approximate). Main character. Has a variety of       lines that explain the house in a fun way.  Need someone who loves being in front of the camera with an outgoing/slightly sarcastic attitude.   

                                    - Mom of the main character above. Has 4-6 lines in the commercial

Compensation:         Mom - $100 and endscreen credits
                                     Daughter - $150 endscreen credits
Apply Here

Thanks for submitting this info for the role! We will be emailing all who apply within the month

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