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Covid-19 - Are We Still Shooting?

Yes! We are absolutely still here for your needs. According to the NAR report posted on March 30,2020, real estate is back on the "essentials" list. It states that real estate services are essential, and since the public are not going to open houses, that great alternatives are photos, videos, 360-tours, etc. So we are here for you! Of course, we definitely have some precautions we are taking, and hope you are as well.

At some point, I am sure you have seen our post on "How To Prepare For a Shoot". If you haven't, CLICK HERE. During this unfortunate time, we are adding some precautions to the mix.

Here is what we are doing for you:

We are wearing masks and gloves to every shoot. We are also making sure we do not approach anyone at the listing too closely, and keeping our 6-ft minimum range.

What do we ask of you?

Normally, agents and homeowners like to hang out together in the living room, kitchen, etc, and then move whenever we are ready to shoot that area. In order to make sure we are not crossing paths unnecessarily, we are asking that the homeowners leave the property when possible, and if not possible, to go into one of the guest bedrooms, garage, etc while our photographers shoot the rest of the house. Then, when all else is finished, you can all go into the living room if you'd like while we finish with that guest bedroom, or wherever you were previously hiding.

What are our concerns and how to address them?

Many agents get to the listing about 10-15 minutes early, and then have to move things around after realizing that the home is not shoot-ready. This causes the agent and homeowners to cross paths multiple times while cleaning up. To help out, we advise the agent to get there as early as they need to in order to get everything ready BEFORE the photographer gets there so that we don't have to wait around and risk more potential exposure.

It is a difficult time, and we are continually striving to provide the best content to help you sell the listing without complications. Trust us to help

Thank you David Lamb

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